Total Taekwondo Academy Run by Head Instructor Mohammad Reza HASSANI – 4th Dan Black Belt and World Taekwondo Hanmadang Champion.

We have class that suite for boys and girls from age of 6 to 60 years from beginner to elite athlete level.

Our focus is to help young people to develop the important skills life skills and improve their confidence, Respect, mental and physical fitness as well as benefits of Martial Arts and Taekwondo to become active role model and healthy life style. If you want to be active and healthy and learn Taekwondo skill, Total Taekwondo Academy one of the best and youngest club in South Australia can help you to achieve your goals.

Mohammad Reza HASSANI

Head Instructor

Mohammad Reza HASSANI
4th Dan Black Belt
World Taekwondo Hanmadang Champion


540 Regency Road Enfield
South Australia SA 5085

TEL: 0413 702 553

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