Mini Ninjas (Kids 4yrs – 6yrs)

 Mini Ninjas (Kids 4yrs – 6yrs)

Each one of our qualified instructors understands the importance of their role in the 4-6 year old class, what children learn at a young age stays with them for life.

Our goal is to develop the children’s basic coordination and balance by developing both sides of the body (not just the child’s favourite side like most sports). Our classes teach basic kicking, blocking and striking skills with an emphasis on discipline, respect and friendship.

These classes teach the children realistic self-defence skills both verbally and physically with a strong emphasis on stranger danger awareness.

Our Kids Class members gain amazing amounts of self-confidence, which will assist them in other sports and help them focus at school or other endeavours.

Our classes are specifically designed to suit the age group, so they learn the skills and values of Taekwondo within a fun, yet disciplined environment.